Based on lithium-ion cell technology. Developed for use in industry and commerce. Whether indoors, outdoors, for stand-alone operation or in combination with the power grid – the CINEGREEN NXTGEN 25 is your solution for mobile power applications.


Films sell dreams. Let’s make sure their production becomes less of a CO2 nightmare. Industries all over the world are on their way to reduce emissions. The film industry however has been very quiet about how it plans to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. While big name actors pledge to fight global warming, film sets, with their build up and tear down, their ad hoc caravans, flights and sites have yet to learn how to become greener. The innovators behind CINEGREEN looked specifically at the noise, the fumes, the unreliability and the bad eco karma streaming from all the Diesel generators at a film set and made both the pledge and the product to get rid of fossil fuel on the set once and for all. NXTGEN Generators from CINEGREEN supply your set with silent, reliable and ecological electric energy from 25kWh to 145kWh.

  • 25kWh of power, fully charged in about 4 hours
  • No more burning fossil fuels for lighting, base camp & catering at the set
  • Eco-friendly mobile power based on Li-Ion battery technology
  • Swiss Made specifically for the requirements of film sets
  • A more stable power source than conventional diesel generators
  • With less maintenance and easy handling



Battery storage

  • Dimensions (L × W × H): 1480 × 820 × 1105 mm
  • Weight: 650 kg (without trailer)
  • Protection Class: IP54
  • Range of application: -20 °C to +40 °C ambient temperature
  • Cooling principle: Air-cooled
  • Noise level < 52 dB (at a distance of 1 m)
  • Charging: Plug CEE 400 V, 32 A / Plug CEE 400 V, 16 A
  • Discharging (Configuration according to client): Specification available sockets: CEE sockets in the range of 16 A to 125 A, Typ 23/25, Schuko
  • Operating modes: Islanding with black-start capability, Grid-connected operation with boosting in case of weak grid power

Electrical parameters

  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Nominal power: 50 kVA (45 kW)
  • Overload capability
    100 – 110%
    110 – 125%
    125 – 150%
    max. 10 min
    max. 1 min
    max 0.2 sec
  • Charging time: <4 .5 h (with max. 16 A charging current); above 0 °C
  • Battery capacity: min. 25 kWh useable, at 23 °C
  • Grounding: There is no need for system grounding


Optional equipment

  • Trailer: With special tray to accommodate the battery system (ball head or jaw coupling) +150 kg
  • Home-Charging (230 V): Single-phase charging (Type 13 plug) + 30 kg
  • Feed-out: Variant 1: Adding another socket Type 25, 16 A
    Variant 2: Adding another socket CEE 400 V, 63 A1

Operating parameters and location data are stored and can be accessed and evaluated online at any time via a web application

The transport of the battery system does not require any special permits and approvals (UN3480). The matching trailer can be supplied.